About DAve

Dave Ritchie has been a Florida Realtor since the early 80's and a resident of Saint Johns County since 1990.
He has been in construction industry since he was 14 years old.
He started, built up and sold several businesses of his own.
This invaluable experience has helped him tremendously to focus on the sale of commercial property and businesses.


If you are searching for commercial real estate, industrial, office buildings, multi-family, mobile home or RV parks, church sites with or without a 1031 exchange David will help.
Dave is tenacious in his ability to locate properties and investments that fit the needs of your business plan and will help you to move quickly when time is of the essence.

He has been married to Beth since his 18th birthday, over 40 years now.
Their daughter Heather has given them two wonderful grandchildren, Michaela age 20 and Matthew age 18.

Because of the financial environment, we have been forced to change some real estate strategies.
This financial environment has put almost all of us in a survival mode.
There are many ways to benefit from this down market.

Dave is in the process of putting together a team of investors that will purchase properties at a discount and some will be flipped some will be held long term. If you would like to be part of that team to spread your risk give him a call.
If you would like to find properties that you are the sole investor that would be fine as well.

Please send an email with your criteria and how much you would like to invest.

To contact Dave Ritchie, email turnkey2@gmail.com or call 904-540-9979, and he will be glad to assist you in finding the perfect investment property to suit your needs.